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Getting Your Own People Skills 360 Report

Getting Your Own People Skills 360 Report

You Want A People Skills 360 Report and Interpretation

If you want to personally experience the People Skills 360 feedback, you need to do the following:

  1. Call us at (336) 774-0330 to set up the administration or email us at peopleskills@leadership-systems.com so we can contact you.
  2. Once we finalize your rater list and your reporting date, the multi-rater is launched and all of your raters will receive a link to provide a confidential assessment. Please download and review this rater letter (Word doc) and rater information tips (PDF).
  3. We will schedule your interpretation with one of our professional coaches who will work with you.

$95 Per Administration

With your assessment, you will receive a copy of the People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence which provides practical and useful tips to act on your People Skills 360 report results.

This is a personal and confidential service to promote your individual development. Keep in mind you will be rated in terms of effectiveness, importance, and frequency of either the 54 EQ competencies or a set of those competencies you select.

1. Adaptability
2. Assertiveness
3. Authenticity
4. Collaboration
5. Compassion
6. Conflict Management
7. Effective Confrontation
8. Congruence
9. Constructive Discontent
10. Creativity
11. Emotional Expression
12. Emotional Maturity
13. Emotional Problem-solving
14. Emotional Self-Control
15. Active Empathy
16. Flexibility
17. Group Savvy
18. Impulse-control
19. Independence
20. Influencing Others
21. Initiative
22. Insightfulness
23. Integrity
24. Intentionality
25. Interpersonally Skillful
26. Intuition
27. Listening Generously
28. Mindfulness
29. Reading Non-verbal Communication
30. Openness to Others
31. Optimism
32. Patience
33. Personal Power
34. Perspective-taking
35. Reality Testing
36. Reframing
37. Relationship Savvy
38. Resilience
39. Self Actualization
40. Accurate Self-assessment
41. Self-awareness
42. Self-confidence
43. Self Disclosure
44. Self Regard
45. Situational Awareness
46. Social Intelligence
47. Social Responsibility
48. Managing Social Space
49. Stamina
50. Stress Hardy
51. Tolerance
52. Trusting
53. Trustworthy
54. Understanding Others

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Please complete the following form and submit to: peopleskills@leadership-systems.com. You will be notified of approval as well as given access to the administrator section.

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