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The People Skills 360 multi-rater assessment is based on the research and intellectual property found in the People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence. To read more about the authors and the book, please review www.peopleskillshandbook.com.

The People Skills 360 multi-rater assessment is managed by Leadership Performance Systems, Inc. A talent development and services company, Leadership Performance Systems, Inc. provides targeted training and coaching services to assist leaders in becoming more effective in their work. Read about the company at www.leadership-systems.com.

So you can have an overview of the organization of the 54 EQ Competencies, review the following table which lists for you're the competencies and their relationships to each other. The competencies are organized into "families" and clusters as noted below.

Awareness of Self and OthersSelf-RegulationRelating to and Working Well with Others
(A) Knowing Self
12. Emotional Maturity
40. Accurate Self-Assessment
41. Self-Awareness
42. Self-Confidence
44. Self Regard
(D) Self-Management
(11) Emotional Expression
(13) Emotional Problem Solving
(14) Emotional Self-Control
(18) Impulse Control
(43) Self-Disclosure
(H) Dealing with Others
(2) Assertiveness
(4) Collaboration
(20) Influencing others
(21) Initiative
(25) Interpersonally Skillful
(33) Personal Power
(37) Relationship Savvy
(53) Trustworthy
(B) Integrated Self
(3) Authenticity
(8) Congruence
(19) Independence
(23) Integrity
(39) Self-Actualization
(E) Approaches to Experience
(1) Adaptability
(16) Flexibility
(30) Openness to Others
(31) Optimism
(51) Tolerance
(I) Building Relationships
(5) Compassion
(15) Active Empathy
(27) Listening Generously
(29) Reading Nonverbal Communication
(32) Patience
(52) Trusting
(54) Understanding Others
(C)Coping Perspectives
(38) Resilience
(49) Stamina
(50) Stress Hardy
(F) Complex Thinking
(10) Creativity
(22) Insightfulness
(24) Intentionality
(26) Intuition
(28) Mindfulness
(J) Working with Conflict
(6) Conflict Management
(7) Effective Confrontation
(9) Constructive Discontent
 (G) Managing Perceptions
(34) Perspective Taking
(35) Reality Testing
(36) Reframing
(K) Dealing with Social Context
(17) Group Savvy
(45) Situational Awareness
(46) Social Intelligence
(47) Social Responsibility
(48) Managing Social Space

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